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Pain PointThe "artificial intelligence training soundtrack" topic thatcut into on theMedia platform, hopes to solve the problem of the long time-consuming creation of soundtracks in the past. Are there other reasons?
Pain PointWhat are the usual usage scenarios/pain points of the current market?
Solutioncompany’s product introduction and functional
Solutionto what…


Can I find the music that has been purchased without a watermark?

The results of the image analysis can be found in the image library, but can I find the music that has been purchased without a watermark?

Can we download the video with purchased music directly?

What is…

About Company:

When was the company established?

The number of company teams?

Team composition?

How’s your revenue?


Are there other accelerators or investment units that are exclusive?

A brief introduction when contacting people who don’t understand at all?

What are the current partners and traction in the past? Have…






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A.V. Mapping 是一個一站式平台,通過人工智能將影片與合適的配樂相匹配,同時進一步連接影像製作人和音樂人。A.V. Mapping將長達 6 個月的音樂搜索和製作過程縮短為 8 秒內完成的 3 個步驟,通過AI技術激發全球創作者的更多創作潛力。

A.V. Mapping致力於縮短視頻製作人的工作時間、增加創意產業的現金流、為音樂人帶來更多收入,AV Mapping的服務能夠加速原創和版權音樂市場的聲音和影像製作。A.V. Mapping 的 AI 大大地提高了創作過程的效率,分別滿足了電影製作人和音樂人的需求。

A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your movie.

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