Video Music Mapping User Guide

  • A.V. Mapping Co., LTD

Table of Content


  • General Users — Basic Setting
  • Register/Sign up an account
  • Sign in the account
  • Change language
  • Edit profile
  • General Users — Video Music Analyzing
  • Go to the Analyzing Page

There’s two way to the page:

Now, you’re at the main analysis page here.

  • Step 1. Enter Information:

* Budget: show in USD

* not every item is necessary: Here is the item which need to be input at least.

  • Step 2. Get the music
  • Reanalyze & type in the query if you don’t like the results.
  • Step 3. Confirm the contract and checkout
  • Step 4. Fill in payment information
  • Step 5. Read the contract and check the box
  • Step 6. Payment with credit card
  • The Last Step. Download contracts and music file
  • FIlmmakers Management
  • Back to the Management Page, and change the role to filmmakers.
  • Check the uploaded video and results on “My Film List”

Then you would get the notes here

  • Musicians Management(Under Construction)

Update Personal Information

Click “Edit Personal Profile” to edit. Please click “Save Personal Profile” button after filling in.

  1. Upload your music with .wav/.mp3 file.
  2. Update your license data.
  3. Please enter the price of a commercial video for one country, other would refer to the rates of reference price table.
  4. Please read the contract, check the check “By submitting this application……” which above the “Confirm” button.

Q&A troubleshooting

Q. I can’t find the “profile, choose role, analysis” on the head in the upper right hand corner.

<Solution> Click log out and log in again from “”.

<The Reason>

The trial link is a private entrance. So after log in we would enter a domain different from “” which is our official public page. Press “About Us, Home, Dear Musicians, Membership” would sign out to the official public page. Because of the cookie from the browser, if you want to come back to “profile, analysis”, only member function again as signed in member, you need to log out and log in again from “”.

Q. Where can I find the music file I already purchased?

After purchasing, you can check your Transaction Details. You would get the notes here

Q. Will I get the film with the music I just purchased?

We would only provide wav/mp3 music files as filmmakers have very different format and resolution demands.



A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your movie.

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A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your movie.