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A.V. Mapping
3 min readApr 19, 2023


Discover the power of generative AI music, exploring an innovative A.V. Mapping AI platform for creators, addressing challenges not yet solved by industry giants such as Universal Music and Adobe.

  • AI song featuring fake Drake and Weeknd vocals pulled from streaming services. The song, called Heart on My Sleeve, has been removed from TikTok, Spotify and YouTube for ‘infringing content created with generative AI’. Can “Ghostwriters” AI-generated songs featuring famous voices stir controversy and legal battles as they enter the public domain without established agreements?
  • Universal Music Group labels AI music as a “fraud” and calls for its ban from streaming platforms, but experts are doubtful.
  • Spotify’s AI DJ tailors music to personal preferences — a potential feature since the company’s start.
  • Adobe plans to roll out generative AI music support by the end of the year.
  • Google’s LLM releases a paper on “non-commercial” usage of such technology.

Prepare for increased copyright conflicts as AI, copyrights, and data intersect and challenge existing norms.

  • A.V. Mapping eases creative processes within the music industry by utilizing AI and blockchain technology directly in your browser, with no need to download any software or app.

Stay ahead of Adobe and Universal Music with A.V. Mapping’s AI, which locates music and SFX for videos on their platform — it’s gaining traction fast! 🔥

Transform your creations with A.V. Mapping by pairing them with AI-matched human-generated music and authentic sound effects.

Breathe new life into your content while offering fresh perspectives for your audience. Prioritize collaboration by uploading your work on a legally-customized platform tailored specifically for creators, rather than catering to tech companies. Safeguard every aspect of your work with personalized contracts.

Find the soulmate for your creations.

Enabling sharing, selling, acceleration, and protection of rights on this unique AI platform. Upload videos to find fitting sound or upload audio to discover perfect visuals. Enjoy instant recommendations based on content analysis, reference music, narratives, and more while enhancing audio quality through noise reduction.

Creators are concerned about AI replicating their creative works for learning purposes.

It’s crucial to monitor your content after its creation. How is it being utilized in the marketplace? Going through contracts individually is nearly impossible, particularly when content is streamed on platforms like YouTube, OTT channels or even pirated sites. Content is rapidly and extensively disseminated around the world. It’s particularly challenging for creators without legal teams to safeguard their copyrights, IPs, and patents.

Looking ahead to A.V. Mapping, a patented AI platform that collaborates with a smart contract blockchain ensures transparency and immutability with blockchain technology. This innovation has been implemented in 300 million data points, amounting to over $100 million in fully diluted market capitalization.

As a creator, you can access your transaction details around the clock with AWS supported site.

This AI startup is backed by NVIDIA Inception and AWS Inception and has appeared on Meta #SheMeansBusiness. It has received accolades such as the Red Dot Award for the 1st-AI Product in Best of the Best, the U.S. Department of State’s Best Potential Award in AWE, and the Advertisement Digital Singularity Award for Best Innovative Product, Top 24 in She Loves Tech and film music award in film festivals. The platform serves over 10,000 musicians and creators involved in Netflix series, TV stations, and film production companies across Hollywood, San Francisco, the US, UK, Europe, and Asia.

Will being a creator become even more enjoyable?

There’s only one way to find out: give it a try! 🙌

What drives you to become a creator?

We seek to express our souls, immortalize our memories, and cherish good times with creative partners we can collaborate with 🙌 (maybe often on our own?)

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A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your movie.