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A.V. Mapping
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Ever since A.V. Mapping first emerged into the market, many were amazed by its innovative application. A.V. Mapping won the Best of the Best Award in the Red-dot Award in 2020 with its A.I. analysis application that was designed uniquely for the creative creators.

A.V. Mapping aims to ease the work of the creative creators and with A.V. Mapping’s latest application update, they introduced a brand noise reduction feature in their online application.

The new A.I. cooperated noise reduction feature helps creators reduce the time of manual noise canceling, from 4 days down to 15 minutes.

A.V. Mapping’s A.I. noise reduction application has given the film & music industry a brand new landscape. Creative creators no longer have to worry about the recording environment as the A.I. can provide high quality and accurate noise reduction. Furthermore, it drastically helps creators to cut down labor costs and greatly reduce the post-production time.

The new feature can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Video and audio files are accepted. As long as you have the membership
(Free trial for 30 days: https://bit.ly/3kujkq2),
you can choose to add the noise reduction service in the first step after you upload the files.



A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your movie.